Elementary Math Program Grades 1 2 3 4 5

 * EASY TO USE - A teacher/parent friendly Math Program for students in Grades K through 5.
 * ORGANIZED - All math skills organized into "school weeks" for precise instruction order
 * LOGICAL - Index lists text description and visual example of each math skill
 * QUICK ACCESS - Download practice worksheets for any math skill with just one click
 * EFFECTIVE - Use as your primary math curriculum or support for your current program
 * INEXPENSIVE - Join for as low as $7.95 per month!
 * POWERFUL FEATURES - Includes our new online skills test & math fact memorizing program!
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What is MathKEY?

MathKEY is a powerful and efficient way to teach math to all elementary students. It presents a sequential listing of all math skills that should be taught in each grade (1 through 5).  It is designed to make the math instruction process easier for teachers and parents while also making the learning process more efficient and successful for students.   While MathKEY is highly effective for children in the regular school (or home school) setting, it is also extremely powerful as a tool for rapidly "bringing-up" math ability in students who are currently performing below grade level. 

Are all Math Programs the Same?
While all math programs cover basically the same math skills and concepts, MathKEY goes beyond other programs by using a vastly superior organizational format. This provides easy and quick access to desired math support materials. MathKEY will enable teachers and parents to easily pinpoint problem areas and provide students with the concentrated practice they need to master any particular math skill.  In other words, it is the organization and delivery strategies that make MathKEY a superior math education program.  We have just completed our new MathKEY online skills test allowing you to test any student on all or part of the skills for any grade, one through three.  After test completion, click the Worksheet button and watch the program automatically make an amazing worksheet packet of just the skills not passed on the test (WOW!), saving you hours of time.  We also have our new GENIUS multiplication facts learning program that is unlike anything you've seen anywhere.  This will get those difficult multiplication facts memorized - once and for all!

A Logical Math Program
MathKEY was developed by conducting a complete analysis of math textbooks from a variety of different sources (including math textbooks from the highest scoring school district in Florida).  From this base of information, we were able to create a detailed list of the specific math skills that should be taught in each elementary grade.  Order of instruction is critical since the ability to learn a new math skill is dependent upon how well the student learned  previous math skills.  For example, to successfully answer a long division problem, a student must first be able to perform basic addition and subtraction, and also have memorized the multiplication facts.  If these pre-requisite skills are not mastered, it becomes very difficult for the student to correctly answer a division problem in any reasonable amount of time.

Rapid Progress!
Whether you are working with a student who is years behind in math ability or a talented student with exceptional math ability, MathKEY provides an efficient format for advancing through grade level math skills at a much faster pace.

Here's how we do it...

MathKEY is divided into 3 sections:

After clicking the "TRY MATHKEY FREE" link above and choosing a grade level, MathKEY begins by showing a text description of each math skill that should be taught for that grade.  For example, when you enter the Grade 1 section, you will see text descriptions of over 70 specific math skills on the left side of the page (counting objects - adding 2 digit numbers - basic word problems addition - basic word problems subtraction - geometry circles - geometry squares  etc).  Click on this text description to view a "real" example of the math skill on the right side of the page.  This type of organization and clarity makes it very helpful as either a general outline for instruction or as a highly effective method for providing practice in identified weak areas. 

Practice makes perfect as the saying goes.... and this is certainly true in mathematics.  MathKEY provides you with many pages of practice worksheets on each math skill if needed.  If you are working with a talented student, you may need to practice only a handful of problems to achieve mastery.  If your student learns math at a slower pace, you have the option of providing many additional pages of practice worksheets. Once you've found a math skill you would like to practice further, just click the "WORKSHEET" button for several pages of high quality practice worksheets.

We will also be giving additional help to instructors by suggesting various "techniques" - "tricks" - and "attention-getting strategies" that can greatly enhance and accelerate the learning process.  If you ever do need further help, we will be there with detailed written instructions and video tutoring (planned for the future). 

It's Easy to Get Started
The best way to get started with MathKEY is to simply give us a try.   Click the "TRY MATHKEY FREE"  link above and take a look around.  The first nine weeks of each elementary grade is available free of charge.  If you like what you see you  can then sign up to receive access to all materials for as low as $7.95 a month.

Members also get full access to our powerful new math test.  The MathKEY Online Test allows you to test a child on all math skills for either Grade 1, Grade 2 or Grade 3.  Test questions are highly  visual and include multiple choice and drag and drop.  Audio reading of each question is also available during the test if desired.  After test completion you'll receive a detailed summary of test results showing which skills were passed and which were not.  A test summary page can be printed in a professional format which is great for showing parents.  Unlike any other test, you'll see a link called "Make PDF"  next to the student name in the database.  Click this link and the computer will automatically make a special worksheet packet of just the skills that were not passed on the test. (We'll say this again..)  Just click a button and the program automatically makes a packet of high quality worksheets covering just the skills your student does not know.  The PDF packet is automically given the name of your student which can be saved to your Desktop for easy access.  Tests for Grades 4 and 5 should be available by early 2011.  Tests for each grade are given in nine week intervals to allow you to break up testing over several days (each nine week test takes about 45 minutes to an hour).  Join from the link above and give the test a whirl.  We guarantee you'll be thoroughly impressed!